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Hot Hoverboards Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Tired of walking? Join the club. Thankfully, a solution exists in the form of a battery-powered hoverboard!

One of the newest additions to the traditional Christmas wishlist is the hoverboard, or as retailers call them, self-balancing scooters. While more technically accurate, who the hell wants to tell their friends they’ve just purchased that instead of a freakin’ awesome hoverboard? While these things aren’t exactly cheap, you can still pick up a good deal if you know where to look. Let’s go over your top choices for discounted hoverboards.

Most hoverboards come in the standard, two-wheel, flat platform configuration and while I wanted to include some funky options on this list, most of them are going to stick to that basic design structure. I should also mention that most gyroscopic scooters do have a weight limit, so if you’re a little on the big side of life, be very careful about what product you pick.

These things take a little getting used to and although they can be fun, I highly recommend you take your time learning how to ride the device if you’ve never used one before. There’s an epic video of Mike Tyson falling head over ass out there on YouTube somewhere: don’t be like Mike. Alas: the time for talk is over. Let me hit you with the best scooters I could find for a decent price.

  • 1


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    Okay, so if you can look past the name, this is a surprisingly decent hoverboard and its recent discount makes it just that little bit better for the user to justify buying. Cruises at 8 mph and has LED headlights, rubber bumpers and a training mode to help you get used to riding it.

    • Available in a number of colors
    • Recently discounted to a stellar price
    • Two training modes
    • UL2272 certified
    • Incredibly durable battery
    • Doesn't actually hover above the ground
  • 2

    OXA Hoverboard

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    The OXA is created with one thing in mind: stability and durability. This thing is heavy and made to a quality finish, plus it is capable of handling riders up to 330lbs in weight. If you're looking to get serious about self-balancing scooters, take a close look at this.

    • Suitable for big riders
    • Stable and strong
    • Great light setup
    • Decent battery size
    • Bluetooth speaker
    • Rarely goes on sale
  • 3

    Razor Hovertrax 2.0

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    The self-proclaimed world's smartest self-balancing electric scooter takes our top spot here and rightly so. Razors have the EverBalance technology that is considered by many enthusiasts to be the most reliable and safest way to ensure people don't fall over. Suitable for riders up to 220lbs.

    • Capable of reaching 8 mph
    • 60 minutes of usage per charge
    • LED power indicator and light bar
    • Slower ride mode for training
    • Good return support team
    • Some units can stop working randomly
  • 4

    TOMOLOO Hoverboard

    Currently Out Of Stock

    TOMOLOO produce a fantastic hoverboard that might cost a little more than your standard model, but you get a lot in return. The biggest feature is an increased weight limit to 265lbs, as well as some cool lights and a speaker system that turns you into a mobile disco. But seriously: great product.

    • Great to train on
    • Lots of light programs
    • Bluetooth speaker system
    • Long-lasting battery
    • Smooth as silk ride
    • A little expensive
  • 5

    VEEKO Hoverboard

    Currently Out Of Stock

    The VEEKO's listing here is because of the fact that it cruises close to 10 mph and has a fantastic battery, as well as a carry case. No speaker or crazy light show here: all of the power is put into the 350W wheels so you can get around at top speed.

    • Speedy as hell
    • Large battery capacity
    • Ships with a backpack
    • Meets all safety requirements
    • Great value for money
    • Has no speaker
  • 6

    GOTRAX Hoverfly ECO

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    A pair of 250W motors make the GOTRAX capable of reaching speeds up to 7 mph and like the Razor Hovertrax, a training mode is available for those that are new to riding. Available in three colors - I think the blue looks best.

    • 0-degree turning circle
    • Battery charge LED display
    • Can carry up to 220lbs
    • One of the safest boards on the market
    • Reports of random bricking
  • 7

    GOTRAX Hoverfly Plus

    Currently Out Of Stock

    GOTRAX do produce great products and if you want to upsize your order from our #2 recommendation, get the Hoverfly Plus. More battery life and a built-in speaker that you can connect to via Bluetooth: blast tunes while you cruise!

    • 0-degree turning circle
    • Bluetooth speaker
    • Available in red or black
    • Training mode for newbies
    • Great customer support
    • Like the ECO - a small chance of bricking
  • 8

    XtremerpowerUS Premier Series

    Currently Out Of Stock

    I know I said I wouldn't pick anything too out of the norm, but if you've ever wanted to take a hoverboard across crazy terrain, the best one for that has to be this. It doesn't have a great top speed, but if you're going over bumpy environments, I don't think speed is something you particularly want to focus on.

    • Great for all terrains
    • Has a Bluetooth speaker
    • Maximum weight of 220lbs
    • Two hour battery on full charge
    • Three colors available
    • Doesn't ship with a case
    • Good returns policy
  • 9

    OTTO 6.5

    Currently Out Of Stock

    This is one of the cheapest scooters on the market right now. Comes in 4 colors and has a pretty good top speed. Low price is a result of the fact that the battery isn't that great in terms of storage. It can keep up in pace with others listed here, but the marathon is a race it can't win.

    • Great entry-level price point
    • Offered in 4 colors
    • UL 2272 certification
    • Bluetooth speaker
    • Flashing LED lights
    • Speaker volume is quite low
  • 10


    Currently Out Of Stock

    This recently came down in price and that means it's a bargain, given the 250W motors and decent range. Comes in black, blue or red with a 30-day money back guarantee plus UL 2272 certification. Although this comes in at #9, it's still a steal.

    • Certified for all US states
    • Can ride on slightly wet surfaces
    • 30-day money back guarantee
    • Reaches up to 10 kmph
    • Randomly beeps at higher speeds for some unknown reason

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