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Action Cameras You Need To Know About

Whether you’re planning to hit the Alps with a snowboard, surf in Hawaii or just rollerblade around town, these are the deals on action cameras you need to know about!

The action camera niche is defined by a few key principles: simple design, tough construction and above all else, being in a tiny form factor that makes them appropriate for all types of activities. Action cameras really kicked off with the GoPro, but lots of brands are now joining the niche and adding quite a bit of competition to the mix. It’s a great time to be looking to buy sporty recording devices, that’s for sure.

The cost of action cameras has come down quite a bit in the last 10 years, but I know that you dudes are always looking to drive a hard bargain and get the best bang for your buck. That’s why I’ve gone ahead and sourced 8 of the top choices in the action camera niche to ensure you’re getting a cracking device for the money you’re going to be paying.

While I considered a lot of factors when comparing various products, the most important I focused on were battery life, camera quality and the software experience. It goes without saying that durability is also a big thing in this niche: if you’re going to hurl yourself down a hill at breakneck speeds, you need something that isn’t going to mind taking a knock or two while you do it! Now then, let’s get on with the best deals I managed to find.

  • 1

    Polariod Cube+

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    First Kodak, now Polaroid? Seems like old school camera producers love the demand for action cameras. The Cube+ gets a place here for being cute, funky and great value for money. It doesn't shoot at 4K but that's likely not going to be an issue for most.

    • Great value for money
    • Incredibly small and light
    • Battery lasts for 90+ minutes
    • Ships with a micro SD card
    • Shoots at 1080p 60fps
    • No 4K quality option
    • Easy to misplace
  • 2

    ViiVor 4K Sports Action Camera

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    ViiVor aren't exactly a well-known name in the sports industry, mainly because their major product line is dashcams. Still, the 4K camera they offer is waterproof, capable of capturing at 60fps in 1080p and the battery lasts quite a decent chunk of time too. For the price, this is a close second in terms of action camera deals.

    • Over 1 hour of battery life
    • Captures 4K at 30fps
    • App can upload to YouTube
    • Waterproof to 30m
    • Ships with a bunch of mounting tools and gadgets
    • The LCD HUD is a little confusing

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