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Top Rated Bluetooth Speakers For Music Lovers

Bluetooth speakers allow you to take your music with you wherever you go and today, we’re going to go through the best deals currently available on top wireless sound systems.

Portability is the new norm with speakers: batteries have gotten a lot more powerful over the years and it’s entirely possible to get a decent amount of sound time out of a wireless speaker that connects to devices with Bluetooth. Forget the days of having to listen to beats on your low-quality tablet or smart phone: grab yourself a great deal on one of these Bluetooth speakers now and never look back!

Whether you just want to take something to the beach with you once a month or need a permanent companion for travelling around the world, so many options now exist on the market when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. If you want a great product for a great price, you’re going to love the collection of seven different devices we consider to provide the best bang for your buck. Wireless speakers are fast becoming the only way to listen to sounds when you’re out and about!

Accessing your favorite tracks on the go has never been easier, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be picky about the Bluetooth speakers you pick up. Our curated list of top picks takes several things into consideration, including affordability, battery life, sound quality, ease of access and style. So without further ado: let’s get down to business on what’s what in the wireless speaker market.

  • 1

    Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Holiday Edition

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    Both waterproof and shockproof, the BOOM 2 has a 360-degree speaker that is great for when you're with friends and staying in one location. The syncing on this product is great and you can even connect two together for double the volume.

    • Available in multiple colors
    • Great design and build quality
    • 360-degree speaker
    • Waterproof and shockproof
    • A much smaller profile than most wireless speakers
    • An average 15-hour battery life
  • 2

    Bose SoundLink II

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    If you're planning to use your wireless speaker a lot and want a real audiophile experience, look no further than the Bose SoundLink II. Bose are an established name in sound and this super-small, water resistant companion delivers a surprisingly big sound.

    • Incredibly small and lightweight
    • Pitch perfect sound
    • Capable of taking mobile calls
    • One of the best apps on the market
    • Decent Bluetooth range
    • A small 8-hour battery
    • Suits smaller usage situations
  • 3

    Creative Muvo Mini

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    If you're on a bit of a budget and don't want to splash the cash on an expensive wireless speaker, I highly recommend the Creative Muvo. My girlfriend had this for 6 months before upgrading and it served us well when we went hiking. Available in 4 colors and weighs next to nothing.

    • Clean and minimal design
    • Good sound for its size
    • Pairs quickly with NFC
    • 10-hour battery life
    • Charges using micro USB
    • Battery will reduce in quality over time
  • 4

    Bang & Olufsen P2

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    While small and inexpensive is good, sometimes you want a lightweight product with an exceptional build quality. When it comes to this category, nothing beats the B&O P2. This thing is so light, offers a good sound and will last for 10 hours on a full charge. Perfect for travellers that regularly go over baggage allowance.

    • One of the lightest products on the market
    • Rich sound range
    • Decent battery considering its size
    • Fits into larger pockets
    • Not the cheapest product on the market
    • Bluetooth only: you can't bump via aux cord.
  • 5

    Marshall Stockwell

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    This is the only go-to choice for people that want big sound from a big speaker. I had the pleasure of hearing one of these things while on a tiny island in the Philippines: it's such a cool piece of kit. Marshall have really brought down the price on these lately too! Just be warned: it's heavy and it's big.

    • 25 hours of battery
    • Suitable for larger sound ranges
    • Connect with Bluetooth or 3.5mm input
    • Best bass you'll ever hear
    • Gorgeous retro design
    • Heavy piece of kit
    • Case costs extra and isn't made for travel

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