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The Hottest Sports Watches On The Market Right Now

I’m a man that loves a good watch, but when it comes to physical activity, keeping on a Patek Philippe simply isn’t an option.

Hey there – I’m the resident watch guy at Top Deals For Men and today, I’m going to be taking you through my choices for the best sports watches you can currently get at a super price point. The great thing about most sports watches is that they don’t need to be extremely techy or flashy: it’s all about getting the job done and with no mechanical interior, that leaves plenty of room for other features to shine through.

I’m a big believer in choice, so the deals I’ll present will be split between low-cost and high-cost models. Some are going to be real basic with few extra features, whereas others will be better than most computers that were on the market 10 years ago. I made a point of heading out yesterday to try and get my hands on as many of these listed as possible, but where that wasn’t possible, I’ve elected to source online reviews and watch YouTube unboxings.

Exercise ought to be an important part of any man’s lifestyle, so whether you’re a little on the porky side or a marathon-a-week kinda guy, I hope you find my recommendations perfect for your circumstances. Additionally, be sure to check out the other articles I’ve written here that look at all different types of timepieces. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to fashionable wrist accessories, so if you like my style, be sure to have a read of those too!

  • 1

    Polar A300

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    The Polar A300 is one of the best entry-level choices in the sports watch category. The entire piece is waterproof, tracks a hell of a lot of stats about your day-to-day activities and offers vibrating alerts when you're stationary to get you moving.

    • Offered at a good price point
    • Available in 4 colors
    • Step counting feature
    • Can change out wristbands
    • Gives you sleep quality tracking data
    • Cannot be charged
    • No heartrate monitor
  • 2

    Garmin vivoactive HR

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    One of the most attractive interfaces I've ever seen on a digital watch: Garmin have a great piece of tech here that includes GPS and heart-rate monitoring. At the time of writing this it's over 30% off - such a bargain.

    • Available in two sizes
    • Can enable push notifications
    • Battery lasts up to 8 days
    • GPS enabled
    • Water resistant
    • GPS eats the battery life
  • 3

    Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

    Currently Out Of Stock

    The Gear S3 Frontier looks like a standard mechanical watch, but comes packed with a wide range of smart features. GPS tracking, mobile sync via Bluetooth and - get this - the ability to take calls using its small speaker and microphone. This is an absolutely crazy watch, especially given its form factor.

    • Has the ability to take calls
    • Has Samsung Pay enabled
    • Lots of apps and features
    • GPS and mapping display
    • Looks like a normal watch
    • Battery life is quite slim
  • 4

    Timex Men’s IQ+

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    As you can probably tell by now, I'm a bit of a fan of watches that combine a classic look with modern features. Timex's IQ+ is well priced for what you get and is best suited for those that enjoy light physical activity. More extreme adventurers will probably want a bit more functionality.

    • Tracks sleeping and steps
    • Water resistant to 50m
    • Available in 3 styles
    • Doesn’t need to be charged
    • Has an 'activity' goal dial
    • Software could be better
  • 5

    TomTom Spark 3

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    TomTom's Spark 3 is a solid choice for people that want a watch that says "I'm here to kick ass and get my blood pumping". Recently reduced in price and has GPS features that allow advanced tracking of your various sporting activities. Note that there are cheaper versions without heartrate monitoring.

    • GPS tracking on all models
    • Advanced training features
    • Pushes mobile notifications
    • Monitors steps and sleep quality
    • App syncing takes time
  • 6

    Sony Smartwatch

    Currently Out Of Stock

    While it's not exactly designed as a sports watch, the combination of features that it contains and apps available certainly put it into that category. I love the design on this thing: such a great blend of modern tech and metallic vibes.

    • Gorgeous product
    • GPS tracker
    • Works great with Android
    • Voice command enabled
    • Great value for money
    • GPS can fail when device is wet

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