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You Need These Incredible Designer Watches

You’re going to look top notch with a designer watch.

Designer watches are the types of wrist accessories that turn heads and let everyone know you’re in the business of looking smart. Grabbing a great deal on a watch can be tough, but if you know where to look and what brands to get, that’s a task easier done than said. Not sure what’s good? Not to worry: I’m here to help you make sure that you only pick up the best designer watches for a solid, discounted price.

The key to a good designer watch is getting something that’s going to last. There are plenty of brands out there that are new to the market and make a nice looking piece, but if they’re not going to see 6 months of constant usage without breaking or deteriorating, what’s the damn point? My philosophy when it comes to fashionable timepieces is to make an investment in an item that will last you a decent chunk of time.

Phrases like ‘buy it for life’ sum up my attitude: especially when you look at the fact that watches, when kept in good condition, have a decent resale value. As for the designer side of things: you’ve got to make sure that whatever you wear is going to attract attention. Whether it’s for beautiful simplicity, bold design choices or just a brand name that people can’t help but recognize – watches are supposed to be looked at, so the more that people do that, the better.

  • 1

    Junghans Men’s Max Bill

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    We'll kick this list off with a gorgeous and simple watch from Junghans. While they're not exactly a well-known name for most, you can't help but appreciate the attention to detail that has gone into producing this wonderful time keeping accessory. Keeping it classic - just what I like!

    • 38mm face
    • Quartz time keeping
    • Two year warranty
    • Gorgeous silver-plated dial
    • Designed inspired by Max Bill himself
    • Better suited to smaller wrists
  • 2

    Casio Oceanus OCW-T150

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    My girlfriend and sister pitched in to buy me this watch last month for my birthday: it's an incredible watch that looks absolutely gorgeous with a slight hint of blue in the face. Packed full of features such as on-demand time zone selection,solar charging and atomic synchronization.

    • 29 cities to pick timezones from
    • Auto-adjusts for daylight savings
    • Gorgeous blue notes in face
    • 100m water resistance
    • Sapphire glass
    • Atomic sync only available in some countries
  • 3

    Calvin Klein K2G21107

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    When it comes to designer names, few do it better than Calvin Klein. You could go to the ends of the Earth and people would be able to work out what brand this watch belonged to. For the price, this is a pretty damn incredible watch. I love how simple the face is!

    • Great simple face
    • 43mm case size
    • Swiss quartz
    • Great warranty offer
    • Trusted brand name
    • No date window
  • 4

    Marc Jacobs MBM5085

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    Marc by Marc Jacobs is a pretty established producer of designer watches and I can't look past the scheme and style of this piece. Surprisingly well designed and available for a fantastic price thanks to the current discount offer the distributor has specified. You can't really go wrong with this choice.

    • Great value for money
    • Gorgeous mix of face colors
    • 42mm case diameter
    • Date window with bubble
    • Non-sapphire glass
  • 5

    Ted Baker Oliver

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    Ted Baker is another go-to name for a lot of people that want designer clothes but their watches are just as tidy. The color scheme on this one is fantastic, as well as the approach to only displaying three numbers: 4, 8 and 12. For the money it's a bargain and a half.

    • Top product for a low price
    • Second-hand sub-dial
    • 50m water resistance
    • 44m face diameter
    • Great color tones
    • No sapphire glass
    • No date face
  • 6

    Emporio Armani AR11047 Classic Watch

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    Who doesn't know the brand name Emporio Armani? I can't believe that a watch with this many complications and style is offered for sale at the price it is. I'm pretty confident that this will be a present to myself in the next few months - I love the match of gold features on the chrome and silver face.

    • 43mm face diameter
    • 50m water resistance
    • Quality heavy feel
    • Stopwatch in seconds and minutes
    • I'm not a fan of the diagonal date

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