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Razor Sharp Beard Trimmer Deals

Got a beard? Nice, man! Let’s sort you out with a trimmer to keep that beautiful thing in check.

Beards have always been worn by men of various types, but in recent years, beards have made a resurgence as being sexy. Any woman that tells you she likes a man who is clean shaven isn’t the type of woman you want to be with: keep the beard, keep it looking tidy and you’ll be the talk of the town. Oh, and use your head – don’t pay over the odds for a poor piece of kit! Read our list of the best beard trimmers and enjoy a stellar shave.

The key to a good beard is to always ensure that it’s maintained. Around once a week, you should do a ritual pruning to keep yourself looking sharp and groomed. Thankfully, that task is made a hell of a lot easier with the assistance of a beard trimmer. These things are like what a barber would use to cut your hair, but downsized slightly to assist with maneuverability and ease of use. You’ll find that most producers of hair clippers are also in the beard trimmer space.

How did I determine what deals on beard trimmers were the best? Well, I took a look at price, quality of the product, how many accessories were included and how clean the cut is. Every guy with a beard knows that convenience is the key to a good shaving experience: we don’t want to have to spend any more time than necessary to keep ourselves looking immaculate. Especially when there are so many ladies to woo, trees to cut and kittens to look after.

  • 1

    Remington The Beardsman: Beard Boss

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    This is the kit that I use at home and well, let me tell you: nothing has ever come close to providing this level of shave. Remington and one of the go-to names in hair removal and this is their go-to product for the task of beards. Need I say more? If you want a perfect beard, get a perfect trimmer.

    • 2 hours of battery life
    • XL attachment for super-long beards
    • Long-lasting and durable product
    • Zoom wheel sets the trimming length
    • Ships with brush and scissors
    • Small number of non-charging units (return for a free replacement)
  • 2

    Gillette Fusion ProGlide

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    Let's just say that this is the best in slot option for those that want complete control over a range of style options. The ProGlide is a 3 in 1 solution to help trim but moreover, craft your facial hair to any specification you desire. Surprisingly good deal here as well.

    • 3 different tools
    • Great entry-level price
    • Suitable for style trimming
    • Doubles as a downstairs groomer
    • Waterproof for shower shaves
    • Gillette's replacement blades are expensive
  • 3

    MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro

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    Another well-priced product with a great name. The MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro has a wheel offering lengths of between 1 and 20mm as well as self-sharpening blades that keep it in tip-top condition. It's also able to be used in the shower.

    • Great blade sharpness
    • 20 different cut settings
    • Works when wet
    • Includes blade oil and cleaning brush
    • Lacks power for big beard jobs
  • 4

    Philips Norelco

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    No-nonsense product that has recently seen a reduction in its price. The Norelco uses the scroll wheel technology thing that allows you to pick from a range of lengths from 0.5 to 10 millimeters. Head can be washed under water without damaging it as well.

    • 20 different lengths
    • 2 hours of battery
    • Self-sharpening blades
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Price was recently discounted
    • Doesn't ship with any extras
  • 5

    Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3000

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    Philips have come out with one of the least expensive groomers on the market with the Series 3000 and amazingly, they're having a sale on it right now. Equipped with 13 attachments and self-sharpening blades, those with budget in mind will no doubt find the Norelco to be a perfect beard buddy.

    • Ships with a cleaning brush and travel bag
    • Blades sharpen themselves
    • No oil needed
    • Great discounted price
    • 2 year warranty
    • 1 hour of charge
    • Not so powerful shave
  • 6

    Wahl 2.0 Deluxe Groomer

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    The design of this thing is neat: it just looks so basic and masculine. That said, it ships with a number of head attachments to help with other jobs (such as your nose hair) and a collection of combs for various length shaves. Not exactly cheap, but totally worth it.

    • Four hours of battery
    • Detailer and noise-trimmer attachments
    • Covered by a 5-year warranty
    • Incredibly powerful battery
    • No spinny wheel to control cut length

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